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Hadamba Thresher

by agroadmin

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KamdhenuHadamba Thresher consist of hopper and cutter with automatic feeding, which is drive by the gear box. Reverse gear can be used if necessary. The crop is cut in to small pieces & rubs against the concave which give superior separating performance.Two aspirators blowers are attached to threshing unit, which separates small pieces of crops residue from the seed.Further a shaking & bagging unit are used to collect the seeds.


  • Weight – 2500 kgs
  • Drum Size – 30×42 Inches
  • Output – 1600 to 2000 kgs
  • It can be used for different types of crops like wheat, maize, soyabean, Chana, Sarsuetc
  • Single Balanced Wheel& single hitch system.
  • Belts &Pulleys to achieve variable cylinder speed
  • It comes with an elevator model also.
  • It required 40 hp or above tractor to run

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