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Kamdhenu Seed Drill

by agroadmin

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Our highly efficient Seed Drill is extensively used for sowing a wide variety of crops like maize, wheat, pea, mustard etc. Seed Drill provided by us is in huge demand in the market for durability, high speed and performance. Our low maintenance Seed Drill Machine is easy to operate and handle. Seed is fed for sowing by gravity from a hopper through pre-selected holes via plastic tubes to boots fitted on the Tiller Tines. Clogging and bridging of seed at the aperture is prevented by special rubber agitators mounted on a shaft driven by the ground wheel. To cover requirements of a variation in seeds and seeding rates, a set of strip is supplied and the aperture of holes is adjustable by handle provided at the side of hopper.

  • Available in single or double box.
  • Available in Front Chakka or Back Chakka
  • Available in 9 tines or 11 tines
  • Available in 90 inch to 110 Inch chasis
  • Available in folding tines to protect it from bending
  • Available in folding frame to give it portability if passing by small routes

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